Satisfying things


She’s laughing because she’s thinking “lol same”

Anonymous: What's your twitter?

@nathan_tbh :)

Anonymous: Who pissed in your last asks cornflakes? Jeez some people need to chill. Also as a side note, don't let one chappy experience put you off. It'll be amazing with the right guy x

I don’t know haha! Well they follow me on Twitter/look at it so…

And thank you, we’ll see what happens I guess

Anonymous: "never having sex again" well a) you've had it once, so simmer down and b) I can't imagine too many men will be sad over the fact you never wanna have sex again :)

Someone is a bit bitter today

Anonymous: You're so bland and vanilla. I wouldn't be at all surprised if u send yourself all the sexual asks

I like vanilla ice cream and no I don’t lmao. Who even does that? 😂

August  22   ( 1 )

Anonymous: what do you do about ass and crack?

I trim haha, no one sees there anyway, no point going through the pain and effort of shaving

August  22   ( 3 )

Anonymous: Where on your body is hairy?

My legs mainly. I’ve sorted my chest and pubes. I usually shave my arms as well but not done them in a while.

August  22   ( 1 )



Congratulations to Uzo Aduba and Joe Porton for scoring their first Emmy!

Uzo Aduba who plays Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren on Orange Is The New Black won a Creative Arts Emmy for her Outstanding Guest Actress. 

Joe Morton who plays Rowan Pope on Scandal won a Creative Arts Emmy for her Outstanding Guest Actor. 



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If you wish to buy something of my Wishlist, I would prefer it if you please send me a voucher. The e-mail is: "natorctpyro@gmail.com". My Steam profile is in the "social" tab and I would love gifts for games in my Wishlist.

It makes me very happy :)


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