An elegant meal for one, tonight.


Moon over Marginal Way by: Robin Keus
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I got a haircut

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Jordan Van Hoeve | By: Joseph Lally

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Anonymous: hey i live in manchester too, didsbury to be precise :) do you know it, or do you live on the other side of manchester?

I live on the west side of Manchester :)

Anonymous: A bruise is damaged vessels that have secreted blood and then it dries before breaking down. With a hicky it's more of a redirection then pooling of blood not breakage. That's why a comb will help break down the pool by applying light force to redirect the pooled blood back into a current.

Oh right okay, I’ll try the comb method then

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This Butt’s For YOU!

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jojomedina18: Chapstick lid will get rid of that bitch haha

Chapstick? Hmm… didn’t see that one! I’ll see if I have any

If you wish to buy something of my Wishlist, I would prefer it if you please send me a voucher. The e-mail is: "natorctpyro@gmail.com". My Steam profile is in the "social" tab and I would love gifts for games in my Wishlist.

It makes me very happy :)