Anonymous: "literally an idiot"? Now THAT is really funny, and could only have been written by someone who is insanely jealous of you!

I haven’t a clue who it was haha


but the real question is has nemo found himself



August  1   ( 27 )
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Anonymous: Or you could make a gif modelling it from all angles (pretty please)

I’m not making a gif of myself haha

August  1   ( 1 )

Anonymous: one from the front and one from the back omfg

possibly haha

Anonymous: if (when) you take a pic of you in your jock strap would you take it from the front or round the back ;)

I don’t know haha

August  1   ( 2 )

If you wish to buy something of my Wishlist, I would prefer it if you please send me a voucher. The e-mail is: "natorctpyro@gmail.com". My Steam profile is in the "social" tab and I would love gifts for games in my Wishlist.

It makes me very happy :)


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